CONICET, Buenos Aires, Argentina


"Thinking ethnography in Iberoamerica: 4 lines and 4 paradoxes from fieldwork."



Rosana Guber holds a PhD in Social Anthropology (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA) and is a researcher at the National Council of Scientific and Technological Research (CONICET) in Argentina. She is the director of the Master degree in Social Anthropology IDES/IDEAS at the Universidad Nacional de San Martín (Argentina) and teaches at the same University, as well as the Universidad Nacional de Misiones and the Virtual IDES. In 2016, he received the Platinum Konex Award in the category of Archaeology and Anthropology.

Her research includes aspects on the ethnographic method (El Salvaje Metropolitano 1991/2004; La etnografía: método, campo y reflexividad 2001/2011, Prácticas etnográficas 2014), the anthropology of Argentina (La articulación etnográfica 2013, Antropologías argentinas 2014), and the memories and experiences of the Argentinian protagonists in the conflict against Great Britain in 1982, known in Spanish as "La guerra de Malvinas" – Falklands in English (De chicos a veteranos 2004, Why Malvinas?  2001, and Falcon Experience, 2016). Her latest publication is a compilation, in collaboration with Cornelia Eckert, Myriam Jimeno and Esteban Krotz, titled Trabajo de campo en América Latina (2018), which brings together 37 Latin Americans who reflect on the past of the discipline and fieldwork, ethnography, the person of the researcher, the teaching of the profession, fieldwork in situations of danger and methodological alternatives. The volume also has an Annex that offers an extensive Latin American bibliography on ethnography and ethnographic fieldwork.

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