DISCUSSION - Tuesday, July 9th

Learning from others... and transforming Anthropology

Moderates: Adolfo Estalella (University Complutense of Madrid)





Inés Gutiérrez Cueli is a predoctoral researcher (FPU) at the Department of Social Anthropology of the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM). She investigates the dynamics of inequality, which develop in the urban peripheries of neoliberal cities. Besides, she is interested in thinking collectively about contemporary urban social problems.

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Carlos Diz is an interim Professor in the Department of Sociology and Communication Sciences at the Universidade da Coruña (UDC). His lines of research revolve around the city and social movements, with an emphasis on the anthropology of the body.

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Marta Barba is a predoctoral researcher at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) and a member of the ANKULEGI Association, the Interdisciplinar Seminar of Feminist Research Methodology (SIMReF) and the Network of Environmental Anthropology. Her research topics include aspects of biodiversity, re-production and biotechnologies, identity(s) and territoriality.

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