With the theme "THINKING CULTURES, CHANGING WORLDS" we celebrate our annual meeting, in the same place where we first met four years ago. We return to the city of Madrid, which hosted our first meeting in 2015. Now, the capital welcomes back the 5th edition of the AIBR International Conference of Anthropology.

Over the past four years, we have seen many changes. In Spain, in America, and throughout the world. Changes that have not always been pleasant, and that often make us rethink the ideas and contributions that we can offer from our discipline.

Anthropology, as the area that endeavors the study of culture and diversity, is the adequate platform to gather different human worldviews. We do not limit ourselves to describe, record, document or reproduce cultures. In fact, we also interpret and question these, and in so doing, we transform and mobilize the different worlds we explore.

In this Conference, we accept the challenge of questioning the concept of culture, since, like any other concept, is limited by our own values, structures, languages ​​and minds. The themeThinking cultures thus becomes a way to shift those limits and explore beyond them. It creates new paths to understand the worlds, and therefore, to change them.

In this occasion, we will try to formulate new questions to the essence of the anthropological task. As in former editions, we propose a wide diversity of topics and panels. For this 5th edition of the Conference, we have the support of the Department of Social Anthropology and Philosophical Thinking of the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM), and the Anthropology, Diversity and Coexistence Research Group of the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM). We will meet on 9-12 July, at the Escuela Politécnica Superior (Cantoblanco Campus), Autonomous University of Madrid.

We are really looking forward to seeing you in Madrid 2019!

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